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            SparkPost in FinTech

            FinTech products and services have to be nimble, yet secure. SparkPost is designed to be plug-and-play so you can stay focused on growing your business rather than worry about email infrastructure.

            Innovative Communications for a Seamless Digital Customer Experience

            Security and Privacy

            Privacy and security are paramount in all we do. We integrate data protection into the design and implementation of all of our products.

            Regulations and Compliance

            We stay up to date on all regulations and compliance matters so that you don’t have to worry about your brand being impersonated and are GDPR and SOC2 Type II compliant.

            Flexibility for the Future

            Whether you’re sending transactional, triggered, or promotional messages, our email deliverability experts will help you craft a holistic email strategy that covers the entire customer lifecycle.

            Email represents 40% of our total revenue.

            Scott Cohen
            Director of Email Marketing, 1-800 Contacts

            How FinTech Unicorns Drive User Growth With Triggered and Transactional Emails.

            The 7 Types of FinTech Email Notifications Businesses Should Use

            TAMs have really set SparkPost apart - it's not the tools or the fancy graphs, it's the people behind the scenes.

            Marcus Wickes
            Marketing Director, Jane.com

            What Financial Services Technology Teams Need to Know about Email Security, Deliverability, and the Cloud

            Sending Personal Health Information with SparkPost

            Ready to Learn More?